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Moving Made Easy With the Big Guys Moving Corporation

4 min read | February 11, 2021

If you've just bought a home and are thinking about hiring movers, keep reading. 

Moving into your new home can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Our goal at Perch is to take the stress out of our users' real estate journey as much as possible. It's why we've built handy features into the platform, like the ability to collaborate with the professionals you need each step of the way. A good moving company can make a huge difference when it comes to getting settled into your new home. We sat down with The BIG Guys Moving Corporation (TBGMC) to talk about what our users should consider when hiring movers and how they go above and beyond as a company to make sure their clients have the best move possible. Keep reading to hear what they have to say.


What makes TBGMC unique and sets you apart from other moving companies?

Compassion! Each of our team members knows our core value of caring for the client on one of the most stressful days of their life. We start each move by asking the client if they feel stressed about anything particular about the move. We address the things they're stressed about right away to help them feel calmer for the rest of the move.


What areas does TBGMC serve?

We're located in Cambridge and work in London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Milton, Brampton, Toronto, Burlington, Ancaster, Hamilton and everywhere in between.

What is the process of hiring a move?

The first step is to fill out the quote form, which can be done directly from your Perch Home Buying Plan. The next step is an in-home evaluation where the mover will come to your home to assess your move, providing a detailed estimate specific to your needs. Once you see the quote and want to book your move with us, we send an invoice for a 25% deposit. The deposit is a commitment for the client and us to book the labour and truck(s) needed for the move.

How long before a move should you book a mover?

We have booked moves with as little as one day, but an average timeline for booking a mover is 30-60 days before your move. Allowing for the extra time helps with scheduling and enables us to get the date you prefer.

How much does the average move cost?

Moving Cost (1)

We base our costs on the hours of a move. It's why we do the in-home evaluations with all of our clients to assess the work and number of men needed to complete the move. It's also worth noting that moving costs may be a tax deductible expense, making your actual cost even lower.

What are some of the things that clients get through TBGMC that wouldn't be available through lower-cost alternatives?

1. Professional and expert service

Every crew member is trained in etiquette, which means no swearing or smoking. Our clients can rest assured this is a black-tie moving experience, and they'll never feel uncomfortable around our friendly and compassionate team members. When you hire professional movers there’s less likelihood of damage or things that could go wrong during the move.

2. Insurance

We have two insurance packages available to clients. High and low depending on what their needs are.


While hiring professional movers minimizes the risk of accidents, it's essential to have insurance for your move in case there's damage or loss of your belongings. Take a look at the liability options to understand how much your movers will reimburse you in the event that something happens during the move.


3. More Value

Our men don't stop. It takes a special human to have the stamina that our men do. We don't waste a minute. Hiring discount movers can often feel like a deal, but if they are not professionally trained it can lead to home damage, costing you money and additional time if the workers are not conditioned enough to complete the work in the allocated hours estimated.

Do you have any moving tips or advice to share with our users?

Label your bedroom boxes with the name of the person. In the new home, add a sign to each door with the person's name. Doing this allows the team to zip through and organize your new home without bothering you with questions on where you want the boxes.

Is there anything else Perch users should know about TBGMC?

We take referrals and connections seriously. When a client is referred to us by Perch, we go above and beyond to take good care of them.

Ready to book your move?

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